Rubrics For Cause And Effects Essays

I reminded students that cause/effect relationships happen when one thing causes another to happen. To find the cause and the effect, we ask ourselves, “What happened? and “Why did it happen?” Why an event happens is the cause. What happened as a result of the event is the effect. I placed the cause/effect sentences from the day before on the document camera. I gave students 30 seconds to reflect on yesterday’s learning in order to give them time to make the connection to what they were going to learn today. I invited a few students to share their thoughts aloud.

I gave each student the same graphic organizer we’d used the day before with cause and effect sentences. They also received the passage we would be working on today to identify cause/effect relationships. I’d created a graphic organizer on chart paper to model and guide students. The graphic organizer helped students "see" the relationship between two events which enhanced their understanding of the concept.

I placed the passage we were reading on the document camera. I modeled reading the title and the first paragraph aloud. I identified an event as the cause and re-read to find the effect. I modeled asking myself what happened and why.  I highlighted the cause in one color and the event in another color. Using color and highlighters engaged both visual and tactile learners.  I wrote each event (in different colors) in the appropriate columns on the chart. I continued on with a few more examples, then students did the same during guided practice on their passages and graphic organizers.

Unformatted text preview: of some event or situation. -If the essay focuses on causes, the causes are discussed sufficiently and in enough detail -If the essay focuses on effects, the effects are discussed sufficiently and in enough detail -The essay follows a logical pattern of organization (order of familiarity, interest, or importance) Overall coherence: -Use of transition expressions within each paragraph -Use of transition expressions between paragraphs -Variety of transitional expressions -Logical arrangement of sentences Overall unity and support: -All details are relevant to thesis -Specific, well developed examples -Logical organization of examples Conclusion: -Restates thesis in an interesting manner -No new information -Puts a logical end to the essay Mechanics: -Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are correct -Length: 1-2 pages -Double spaced, 12 pt font Total / 36...
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