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In a competitive job market, a resume or CV may not be enough to stand out among other candidates competing for the same job. Use our brand manager cover letter example and list of essential writing tips to make sure your first contact with the hiring manager makes an excellent and lasting impression.

  • Do use your cover letter to showcase the benefits you can bring to the company with your unique qualifications.
  • Don’t apologize if you don’t meet all the requirements in the job description. Rather, highlight some key professional accomplishments that show your brand development creativity and indicate your enthusiasm for improving the company’s brand.
  • Do use metrics when you can, as it can help a hiring manager know what kind of growth and expansion the company can expect by hiring you.
  • Don’t ramble or include too many details. Keep your letter to half a page, if possible.
  • Do write in a confident manner to market yourself to the hiring manager. This is the perfect way to provide a practical example of your branding and advertising skills.
  • Don’t exaggerate or lie about your work experience, education, or abilities.

Brand Manager Advice

Branding make a major difference in the way companies are perceived by customers, and branding managers play a large role in defining brands and brand strategy. The brand manager cover letter examples can help you land a job as a brand manager. Using these cover letter examples as a starting point and your own experience as a guide, you can create a cover letter that employers will notice, and you’ll be well on the way to getting hired sooner!

Cover Letter Tips for Brand Manager

Finding jobs as a Brand Manager takes the right mindset as well as certain job-seeking skills. The tips below can help keep you on track for finding the job you want.

1. Stay positive. Above all else, maintaining a positive attitude will help keep things in perspective. There is no need to feel down for being temporarily out of work when you realize that finding your next job will only be a matter of time.

2. Set goals for yourself. The process of finding work will also be easier to tackle if you set smaller goals for yourself to accomplish each day. They could be as simple as sending out a certain number of cover letters per week.

3. Remain open to all possibilities. Chances are, you probably have a specific job in mind. Try instead to open yourself to all job prospects and see where they lead.

4. Keep up with your network. Reach out to any personal and professional contacts that could offer career advice. Don’t hesitate to ask for a minute of someone’s time or arrange a coffee meeting. You never know where the next lead could come from.

5. Maintain an online presence. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can help you expand your network and also allow your professional profile to be accessible to potential employers.

Brand Manager Job Seeking Tips

When it comes to finding jobs as a Brand Manager, remember that your cover letter works as your calling card. Follow the do’s and don’ts listed below to make sure that your cover letter stands out.

1. Do align the text flush left and use bullet points for listing items. These simple formatting standards will improve the organization and readability of your text.

2. Do not use generic language. Avoid using words that are empty of meaning, such as “great” and “hard-working. ” You can be sure that these are overly used and replacing them with more vibrant language will make for a stronger cover letter.

3. Do not exceed two pages. Unless you are an academic or doctor who may be using curricula vitae (CVs), it is not necessary to exceed two pages.

4. Do include a “Summary of Skills” section to introduce your work history. Doing so can provide your reader with an at-a-glace summary of your qualifications.

5. Do list your work history in the following recommended order: title of position, employer, city and state of employer, and employment dates.

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