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If you have the EndNote plug-in, you can use EndNote to add a citation. Citations are added to an automatically updating bibliography at the end of the document.

  • Click where you want the citation to appear.

    To group the citation with another one, place the insertion point right in front of, or right after, the existing citation.

  • Click in the toolbar, then choose EndNote Citation.

    EndNote opens, and the Find window appears.

  • Enter text in the Find Citation field, then press Return to search your EndNote library for corresponding citations.

  • Select options using the controls in the Find EndNote Citations window to define how the citation appears in your document.

    If you want the citation to appear only in the bibliography and not in the document, select “In Bibliography only.”

  • Select a citation from the list, enter a page range (if needed), then click Insert.

    The citation is added to your document at the insertion point. If you didn’t select “In Bibliography only,” a bibliography field is added at the end of your document.

  • Papers 3: still disappointing

    Posted onMarch 29, 2014byAleh Cherp

    I was very optimistic about the most recent build of Papers 3. The company announced some change in file management (which I could not quite understand but decided that any change would be for the better). I have also found a way to search within the Papers3 package file (another post coming). So I finally decided to give it a full try by importing my Papers2 library and starting to write with help of Papers3. So far I am sorry to report significant disappointment and regret. The version is still too buggy. In particular, it consistently fails to rename files in accordance with the publication’s data and it also fails to display correct titles of publications in the list. In addition I spent some 30 minutes trying to add eight authors to a book chapter (the app kept erasing all data). Frustrating.

    Like this:



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