Ap Biology Operon Essay Outline

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Mitchell Maxwell Ms. Lunsford Chapter 15 SHORT outline 19 February 2015 Regulation of Gene Expression 1) 15.1 Bacteria often respond to environmental change by regulating transcription a) In bacteria, certain groups of genes are clustered into an operon with a single promoter. An operator site on the dNA switches the operon on or off, resulting in coordinate regulation of the genes. b) Both repressible and inducible operons are examples of negative gene regulation. Binding of a specific repressor protein to the operator shuts off transcription. (The repressor is encoded by a separate regulatory gene.) In a repressible operon, the repressor is active when bound to a corepressor c) In an inducible operon, binding of an inducer to an innately active repressor inactivates the repressor and turns on transcription. Inducible enzymes usually function in catabolic pathways. d) Some operons have positive gene regulation. A stimulatory activator protein (such

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