Meraki Ap Bad Ip Assignment Configuration File

After configuring a Cisco Meraki device's static IP address either from the dashboard or via the Uplink configuration page, the device may report "Bad IP assignment configuraion" in Dashboard:


In the case that the device cannot get an ARP reply from its default gateway, it will revert back to using DHCP for its IP configuration. This is an intended function to bring the device online; if the device can't reach its default gateway, it will never report to Dashboard.

The static IP will still be configured on the device if you go to the Uplink configuration page on the Local Status Page or, for MS switches and MR access points, on the device's details page in Dashboard under "set IP address". Even though the device will have a different IP via DHCP, it will continue to ARP for the gateway configured statically. As soon as the device receives an ARP reply from that gateway, the AP will switch to its static configuration:


In the above packet capture, the Meraki AP has already obtained an IP via DHCP because it has received no ARP reply from its gateway However, the AP will continuously send out ARP requests for its statically configured gateway. Until it receives an ARP reply from the statically configured gateway, the dashboard will continue to report "Bad IP assignment configuration".

Things to Check

  • The Gateway you have entered is correct and online.
  • The VLAN is correct, or is blank if not using VLANs. This should also be left blank if the VLAN desired is the native VLAN on the switch port.
  • The IP, Subnet mask, and Gateway are correct for the subnet to which this AP is attached.
  • The Primary DNS is valid and reachable (we recommend using Google Public DNS at or
  • There are no extra spaces in your settings (including leading, trailing, or between characters).

My 2 cents. I have used Meraki over the past 4 years. This was for my largest client...the local airport. Started with the MR60 (I think that was it..) for an outdoor test. Worked great so we installed 3 more to cover an approximate 3 mile area. Moved the primary to the top of the control tower once it was complete so that an existing building could be demolished for expansion. After the new admin building was completed I convinced them to add an MX80 & 2 MS48P to replace aging Dell switches and a sonicwall. The fiber loop around the entire site was still 6-8 months out but they had to move. The entire airport network : 50+ users, 6 servers(I was hosting them on my own small data center running vmware), control tower (internet only), 15 cameras, 10 gate controls (also wireless - Honeywell), 35 voip phones, 4 indoor meraki ap's, and a few other mixed devices all ran with 0 (and I literally mean ZERO) downtime for 7 and half months. We did have 2 hiccups...the isp dropped connection for approx 20 minutes due to equipment issue/failure on their side & 1 bad voip phone handset that started dropping calls.

Although you may not consider this to be a true "enterprise" situation, the assistant director (who is never complimentary) stated 3 times that he never believed it would work and was impressed and "pleasantly surprised" with the results.

Bear in mind I am a single person company & was under contract for the past 8 years to manage & take care of their entire network including some extras 24/7/365. Anything that would help make my life easier I am more than up for it. I have also setup 3 sets of MX60's for 3 different clients with home offices out-of-state with branch offices here in Florida specifically for the simple vpn setup. All have been running over 2 years now again with zero issues regarding connectivity. Another "score 1 for Meraki" in my mind.

Are they perfect, no. Are they comparable to others in their class, yes. It really boils down to preference and what you personally know that just works. 

Being more a generalist than a network guru, I agree and defer to the other network specialist comments on Meraki's short comings but after reading through all of the posted comments I was compelled to give a real world example of my experience using Meraki.

Please accept it at face value and draw your own conclusions. If I had to do it again, I would not hesitate.  

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