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The Administrator


Leader of MOBIUS


6'0"+ (estimated height 6'3"-6'5")
Height Varies (inside of STEM)

"I am with you...I will always be with you now."
―The Administrator's last words to Juli Kidman within STEM (during The Consequence DLC).

The Administrator, full title TheExecutive Administrator, is the primary antagonist of both The Assignment and The Consequence DLC, as well as an antagonist in The Evil Within 2. He is a high ranking member of MOBIUS, in which he was responsible for giving Juli Kidman her orders to acquire Leslie. He is a power-hungry individual with plans of controlling the world through MOBIUS and the power of STEM. Initially he only appears as a haunting figure within STEM through various encounters in Kidman's journey, but his real-world counterpart is later revealed to truly exist.

Background Edit

The Administrator was the main leader of MOBIUS, and the highest-ranking member of the organization. Through MOBIUS, he would supply Jimenez with funding and materials for his experiments at Beacon Mental Hospital, and later on, involve himself with Ruvik's research. He believes the power of STEM can change the world under the control of his shadowy organization.

Through Jimenez, the Administrator would go on to meet Ruvik and hire him to build the STEM system for MOBIUS, soon turning Ruvik's brain into the system's core when Ruvik showed signs of rebellion. At some point, the Administrator had encountered Ruvik after Jimenez had activated the STEM terminal in Beacon Mental Hospital, based on one of Ruvik's hidden letters (most likely through eye contact); in which Ruvik left his "mark" on him similar to how he had influenced Sebastian and many other individuals that could potentially become haunted. In this regard, it is heavily implied that Kidman's mission deployment served as a countermeasure in order for the Administrator to avoid any further direct confrontations with Ruvik by using her as an expendable pawn.

The AssignmentEdit

An OathEdit

Inside STEM, The Administrator makes his first full appearance after Julie escaped Connelly; in which Kidman undergoes a recreation of her briefing for her mission. During this encounter, the Administrator gave her orders to find Leslie whilst cautioning her against a supposed entity known as "Ruvik". He further instructed her on the weight of this mission while demanding loyalty from her, after which they infused her with a special serum that would supposedly make her immune to Ruvik's influence and detection.

"I would like you to bring this man in. We all should be able to have a productive conversation."
―The Administrator to Jimenez on Ruben.

Throughout Kidman's journey, the Administrator's role in correlation with Jimenez and Ruvik's research is depicted and explored through recreations as ghostly figures, showcasing various key events and memories within the laboratories of MOBIUS.

Crossing PathsEdit

"You will bring us back that boy!"
―The Administrator to Kidman while she tries to get away from him.

When Kidman enters a church with Leslie, they are confronted by Ruvik who shows her, the extent of Leslie's capabilities. He possesses Leslie and controls him to do what he wants. She learns that Ruvik can leave STEM through Leslie by overriding himself into Leslie's body. Ruvik then tells her that MOBIUS has been watching her just as they had always monitored him. Just as she was about to shoot Leslie, he and Ruvik disappeared.

After this, the Administrator appeared before Kidman, demanding her to extract Leslie. When she refused to complete the mission, the Administrator appeared in front of her as a dark misty figure. He launched Kidman across the room and into a pillar. He would go on to pursue her through the corridors underneath the church until Kidman finally managed to escape him.

The ConsequenceEdit

"You run because you are weak! You're afraid of us!"
―The Administrator to Kidman while she tries to get away from him.


A Ghost is BornEdit

When Kidman began to question the Administrator's motives after encountering Ruvik, she discovered a recording that revealed that she was merely being used as a test subject by the Administrator as means of observing the results of her infused state as a brainwashed agent for MOBIUS.

On her way to the STEM terminal in Beacon Mental Hospital, the Administrator appeared and revealed Kidman's true purpose for being deployed in her mission; in which she simply served as an expendable test run for the Administrator's new method of infused control (similar to Ruvik's viral influence via eye contact) and that she never had to succeed her mission due to MOBIUS already shifting their focus with regards to STEM research. In this regard, the Administrator outlined that she was only meant to display her unrelenting loyalty through fear and nothing else.

The Administrator appeared for a final time when Kidman had seemingly failed her mission in acquiring Leslie after Ruvik had taken him. Having finally broken out of his influence, Kidman decidedly fought back against the Administrator in one final confrontation. During the encounter the Administrator would use various doppelgangers of Kidman and himself as means of confronting her. After a lengthy battle, Kidman managed to overpower the Administrator's influence and finally met him face to face. Though the manifestation of the Administrator in STEM had been finally defeated, he arrogantly remarked how he'll always be a part of Kidman before being shot at point blank.

Though Kidman had seemingly freed herself from the Administrator's infused control and influence within STEM, it was implied through her exchange with Myra that the Administrator remained unscathed as the leader of MOBIUS while expecting a debriefing from Kidman herself.

The Evil Within 2 Edit

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The Administrator initially appears before Sebastian, personally detailing the circumstances to him regarding Lily and the STEM machine. He offers Sebastian the choice to save her or let her die.

During the events of the game, he oversees progress of the mission from the control room, closely monitoring Kidman and her interactions with Sebastian.

As soon as the Core is retrieved from Union, he gives orders for Sebastian's termination. Kidman refuses to let Sebastian die, and The Administrator orders his men to kill her for her mutiny. Kidman fights back using a hidden a gun under her desk. He stands by and watches as she has a shootout with his guards before reaching Sebastian. Standing in the room over her, he taunts her, telling her she had so much potential and that her punishment "would be legendary" if she fought to free Sebastian, or quickly if she gave up.

He tries to activate the chip implanted in her head, only to be shocked as Kidman reveals she had hers removed three days prior.  

The Administrator dies at the hands of Myra, who sacrifices herself through STEM to take down MOBIUS with the help of Kidman. She uses herself like a virus to destroy all of the MOBIUS employee chips from within the terminal. He looks at Kidman while bleeding out, until he succumbed to his wounds.


The Administrator was depicted as a tall man with a lean figure dressed in a black business suit, wearing a red necktie that was patterned with geometric shapes.

Within STEM, he was primarily depicted as a shadowy figure and on occasion, an aura of black smoke/mist would surround him. His face was often concealed in darkness with his left hand being one of the few distinguishing features; in which there is a huge scar on the palm of his hand that resembled the logo/symbol of MOBIUS. He was depicted as being able to teleport and conjure monstrous limbs through the shadow he casts. When light was cast upon him, his face shifted to that of a heavily scarred monster, in which he had a large glowing red scar on his face based on MOBIUS's logo/symbol, similar to his left hand. When he was finally defeated by Kidman, his true face was revealed as that of an adult male Caucasian with short swept hair.

Personality Edit

The Administrator values loyalty to himself and MOBIUS yet he is willing to coerce that loyalty out of others. Prying on Kidman's fears and vulnerabilities, he reveals himself to be a cruel and manipulative individual as he attempts to either convince Kidman to complete her mission and acquire Leslie or die. The Administrator planned to use the fear of STEM to advance MOBIUS' control over the world in order to bring "peace" and "happiness".

During the events of the first game's DLC, the Administrator witnessed is depicted as a haunting entity that serves to stalk Kidman inside STEM. He is depicted as tall, faceless and ruthless; with his features obscured in darkness until finally being revealed near the end of the DLC. A notable feature would be the MOBIUS logo scarred onto his left palm.

It has been theorized that the Administrator within STEM acts as a virus designed by MOBIUS to test the loyalty of its agents. He was in fact implanted within STEM via Kidman's implantation into the system after her indoctrination. Like Ruvik within the Beacon Mental Hospital STEM, he has a level of control over reality inside STEM or the other possibility is he is just a malware within Kidman as he can only be seen by her and none of the other characters. In any case he embodies what Kidman fears MOBIUS truly is; a shadowy and faceless organization that treats its agents, even herself as expendable pawns.


Juli KidmanEdit

Memories and in the real world

"Do you stand with Mobius?"
―The Administrator to Kidman

The Administrator was depicted as having a commanding yet professional relationship with Kidman during recollections of her encounters with him. He was depicted as a serious man with a strong conviction with regards to his goals for MOBIUS, and this carried over to his instructions towards Kidman and the mission assigned to her. Though the Administrator seemingly treated her as a valuable agent, it is later revealed through recordings found in STEM that the Administrator treated her more as an expendable pawn used to test the limits of MOBIUS' new method of control and brainwashing. During various recreations of Dr. Jimenez, Ruvik, and Juli's memories of him, the Administrator's face was obscured, thus removing any form of immediate facial recognition.

During the events of the second game, it is revealed that Kidman had gained the Administrator's trust enough to work closely under him in the real world; in which the Administrator commonly referred to her by the nickname "Kid". He remained unaware of her true intentions until she betrayed him in order to save Sebastian and Lily. Though the Administrator expressed disappointment in Kidman's betrayal, he admired Kidman's rebellious nature and even cruelly remarked that he would give her a swift death should she remain loyal to him. Adding to his cruel streak, he would go on to threaten her disobedience with torture and promised that her punishment would be "legendary".

Manifestation within STEM

"Run all you want, Kid. You can't escape.""
―The Administrator to Kidman

The Administrator that predominantly interacted with Kidman in the first game's DLC was heavily implied to be the result of Kidman's brainwashing by MOBIUS. Throughout the majority of Kidman's journey, the Administrator and his fellow MOBIUS coworkers are depicted as faceless beings, possibly in order to hide their true identities as part of Kidman's brainwashing.

This manifestation of the Administrator took delight in tormenting Kidman whilst demanding unrelenting loyalty on her part. He's been shown to be very cruel and manipulative, using Kidman's insecurities and fear of abandonment against her as means of deriving loyalty from her. When Kidman finally managed to defeat him, his face was revealed and he was depicted as having an evil and sadistic grin.

It is heavily implied that this manifestation of the Administrator and its influence was derived from the Administrator's past encounter with Ruvik, resulting in the Administrator implementing a similar influence upon brainwashed agents such as Kidman, hence only ever appearing before her. This is evidenced by his final speech in which he claimed that he would always be a part of her, similar to how Ruvik remarked as such towards those he had "infected" with his viral-like influence through eye contact. As such, the Administrator remarked how his influence over Kidman served as the first example of MOBIUS's true goal of controlling the world through STEM brainwashing, while commending his own efforts in having so much commanding influence over Kidman's mind.

Marcelo JimenezEdit

"...Your assistance is even more necessary than before."
―The Administrator to Jimenez

Various recreations of Jimenez and the Administrator's dealings depict the two as having a professional relationship with the Administrator often having a domineering attitude. This often strained Jimenez's view of him, finding him to be impatient in his demands to complete any set tasks that were given to him. Later throughout their future encounters, the Administrator would go on to deduce that Jimenez was not the true creator of the STEM project, thus causing a greater rift between the two which eventually resulted in Jimenez betraying MOBIUS by activating the wireless STEM terminal inside Beacon Mental Hospital.


"Our resources are not here for your... pathetic fantasy."
―The Administrator to Ruvik

Recreations of Ruvik and the Administrator's encounters depict the Administrator as lacking tolerance for Ruvik's violent tendencies and dismissing his goal of recreating his sister as mere fantasy. Though the Administrator held Ruvik's intelligence and research in high regard, he firmly believed that he was insane. Still, the Administrator sought to use Ruvik's research for MOBIUS's interests nonetheless. When Ruvik showed signs of rebelling against MOBIUS, the Administrator dismissed his threats, believing that Ruvik had very little means to oppose him. Although the Administrator seemingly desired the completion of Ruvik's STEM research, it is implied that through MOBIUS's new method of infused control that the Administrator had decidedly shifted the project's focus towards brainwashing and rewriting memories; in which Kidman acted as MOBIUS's first test subject.

Quotes Edit

"Have you ever felt abandoned by the ones you've trusted?"

"Do you wish to remain in the dark, about information that will undoubtedly disturb you?"

"Are there sins you are ashamed of?"

"Do your past secrets haunt you? Do you wish to tell them but something holds you back?"

"Are you sure enough in yourself? Sure enough to face the responsibilities of your actions?"

"Fear is such a... subtle thing."

Death Animations Edit

  • If Juli is caught by the Administrator's avatar during The Assignment, he will immobilize her with shadowy hands sprouted from his body and grab her head. As Juli screams in pain, the Administrator etches a burning MOBIUS insignia onto her face, killing her.


The Assignment


Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

The Assignment is the first DLC for The Evil Within, as well as the first of a two-part DLC, the second being The Consequence. Set before and during the events of the main game, it revolves around Juli Kidman, explaining what she was doing inside Ruvik's mind after being separated from Sebastian and Joseph, while also delving into her past and revealing her true motives.

Plot Edit

Chapter 1: An Oath

The Chapter opens up with Marcelo Jimenez's notes from one of his trials. He details the following:

They existed together, but each saw things in their own ways. It was as if each patient's consciousness filled in the blanks, creating their own reality.

-Test notes from Trial 716-AX

Dr. Marcelo Jimenez

Kidman is assigned to take on the mission of retrieving Leslie from the STEM. She enters the machine, and while in the forest she is attacked by Oscar Connelly and falls off a cliff. She then hears Mobius talking to her, and later attempts to use a keypad. The keypad does not recognize her, forcing her to find the computers to get access, dodging Haunted, Cadaver and the Shade on the way.

Ruvik appears later and traps Kidman. She is saved by Sebastian and Joseph, only for her and Joseph to fall through the ground, as in the main game. 

Chapter 2: Crossing Paths

The Shade attacks Kidman while she is trapped by fallen rubble. Joseph then turns into a Haunted and attacks Kidman. After she defeats him, the world changes and Kidman is brought back to a familiar location from her past. After getting past some Haunted and Cadavers, she finally finds Leslie and takes him to the church.

Ruvik appears and attacks Kidman by controlling Leslie. She points her gun at Leslie and both Leslie and Ruvik disappear. The Administrator then asks her what she is doing and tells her they need Leslie alive. Kidman responds that this is not possible and that they don't know what Ruvik is capable of. The Administrator chases her, forcing her to run. Once Kidman has escaped, the game ends.

Gameplay Edit

The Assignment's gameplay differs heavily from The Evil Within, as Juli cannot use any firearms throughout the DLC. The only tools at Juli's disposal are the Flashlight, Bottles, and on occasion, Axes. It is impossible to directly engage any enemies, so stealth is crucial to survival and the system has been updated to accommodate for the fact that Juli is unable to engage in open combat with the enemies for most of the DLC. Kidman can take cover and peek around corners, lure enemies by calling out from cover, throw bottles from cover, and open doors while crouching.

The Assignment also introduces a new gameplay mode called KURIYAMI, which disables all light in the DLC besides the flashlight. Enemy placements are still the same as they are on Survivor Difficulty

Enemies Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Shade and Cadaver were originally going to be featured in the main game.
  • Kidman shares many animation rigs with Sebastian in the main game, though there were some new ones recorded that are exclusive to her.

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