Mat 221 Week 1 Assignment Simplifying Expressions In Algebra

2 2a(a – 5) + 4(a – 5) 2a(a – 5) + 4(a – 5) Given 2a(a) – 2a(5) + 4(a) + 4(5) Left Distributive Property of Addition Over Multiplication 2(aa) – 2a(5) + 4(a) + 4(5) Associative Property of Multiplication 2(aa) – 2(5)a + 4(a) + 4(5) Commutative Property of Multiplication 2(aa) – (2*5)a + 4(a) + 4(5) Associative Property of Multiplication 2a 2 – 10a + 4a + 20 Multiplication Property 2a 2 – 6a + 20 Subtraction Property On the left side is the step-by-step of the mathematical reasoning for 2a(a – 5) + 4(a – 5) to be simplified as 2a 2 – 6a + 20. On the right side is the step-by-step logical reasoning. The middle part is combined because the terms are like while the extreme terms are unlike each of the other three terms. The parentheses are used to show associative property and then removed via multiplication and subtraction. The numerical

Read the following instructions in order to complete this discussion, and review the example of how to complete the math required for this assignment: 1. Think of something you want or need for which you currently do not have the funds. It could be a vehicle, boat, horse, jewelry, property, vacation, college fund, retirement money, or something else. Pick something which cost somewhere between $2000 and $50,000. 2. On page 270 of Elementary and Intermediate Algebra you will find the “Present Value Formula,” which computes how much money you need to start with now to achieve a desired monetary goal. Assume you will find an investment which promises somewhere between 5% and 10% interest on your money and you want to purchase your desired item in 12 years. (Remember that the higher the return, usually the riskier the investment, so think carefully before deciding on the interest rate.) 3. State the following in your discussion: o The desired item o How much it will cost in 12 years o The interest rate you have chosen to go with from part 2

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