Euthanasia Speech Outline Essays

What Essays on Euthanasia Are All About?

Have you ever heard of euthanasia? This term refers to the intentional murder of a person for his or her benefit. It is also known as the physician-assisted suicide. The main idea is that the patient suffers too much; he or she is not able to handle the pain. They just can’t take it anymore and ask someone to stop their pain by killing them. In some situations, the medical staff makes this decision without patient’s request due to the inability of the last one to talk. Sometimes, it is done to save the lives of people who still have a chance or free space for the new patients. As you know, hospitals are all limited in their size.

There are many debates whether such actions are legal, ethical or moral at all. In many countries, any murder is illegal, so not every physician or nurse is ready to do that. Besides, those who experienced euthanasia share that they can’t live the same life feeling guilty. Killing a human is a hard choice and not every person is ready to do that even if the intentions are good.

The harsh debates around this problem make essays on euthanasia rather common assignments. Students who study in the following fields may be assigned this sort of academic writing task:

  • Healthcare & Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Sociology
  • Ethics
  • Law
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology

Right, the issue is rather broad. It can be viewed from many different aspects. To make your paper stand out, you need to conduct a detailed research. This process will help to detect the cases of euthanasia, its causes, and outcomes. Real life examples are the best proof of whether the issue is acceptable to our society or not.

Top ideas for your academic essays on euthanasia

What can one discuss in the paper on euthanasia? This article will give you a clue – mind these:

  • Basic information. Provide a universal definition of the term without copy-pasting information from dictionaries. Use your rewriting/paraphrasing skills. It is better to support the definition with a powerful in-text citation. Describe the ethics of euthanasia. What are the ethical issues of this phenomenon? Mention the living wills as the argument. Finish with the strong thesis statement.
  • Types of euthanasia. There are several forms of euthanasia, so briefly list them and provide short descriptions. Explain what a voluntary euthanasia means against involuntary. The Doctrine of Double-Effect is another thing you may want to observe.
  • It’s time to move to the body paragraphs, each of which starts with the supporting argument. Every argument should be supported by the evidence found during the research. Begin with the pro-euthanasia arguments. Explain why physicians act in the best interests of their patients. Go into philosophy and discuss whether death is always a bad thing. What is the right to choose? Recall corresponding medical resources and regulations.
  • Now, it is time to talk about the cons of euthanasia. Even if you don’t see them, still your essay must have an opposing view as well. Tell that euthanasia may devalue life and that it’s sacred. Focus on the doctor’s rights and power. Discuss religious, legal, ethical and moral issues that do not support euthanasia. Do physicians act against the best interests when killing doomed patients without the agreement of the last ones? End up with regulation fears and pressure & abuse.
  • Speaking about philosophy, think whether there is a duty to die. List the characteristics of what you and people personally believe is a good, fair death. It is also a right part to write about the futile, unusual or burdensome medical treatment.
  • Assisted Dying Bill is the most recent legislation to apply to your topic. Grab information from BBC News which reveals the essence of assisted suicide in a healthcare Clarify the assisted suicide law using the original text of regulations and laws. Make sure to cite every source properly.
  • Finally, dig deeper the religious background. How does each world’s religion see euthanasia? Should medical personnel obey religious dogmas when it comes to such dilemma? Should science and religion coexist in situations when euthanasia is required?

As you can see, there are a lot of issues to cover in the academic essay on euthanasia. It’s an interesting and rather contradictive topic to study.

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Persuasive speech outline on euthanasia

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