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WELCOME TO RANDY MURTHA'S ULTIMATE ARMORINES: PROJECT S.W.A.R.M. WALKTHROUGH FOR THE N64 OR SONY PLAY STATION VERSION 4.5 January 2008 E-Mail Address: ======================================================================= This document is COPYRIGHTED 2001, by Randy Murtha and may not be reproduced in part or in full without the written consent of the author. Nor shall this be posted on any websites or printed in a magazine without my consent, or used in any way to make a profit. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ======================================================================= ****************** * SPECIAL NOTICE * ****************** Sites this is legally posted on: Game FAQ's: Cheat Code Central: Neoseeker: The Spoiler Centre: Compuserve Video Game Central: Web Links: Play Station Codes: Game Radar: Cheat Planet: If you have viewed this walkthrough on any other site than the ones listed or seen this plagerised, please e-mail me and let me know which site you viewed this on, I would highly appreciate it. If you've seen this plagerised or on websites this isn't supposed to be on, there is a $CASH$ reward for informing me of who the violator is. ======================================================================= ****************** Table of Contents ****************** Special Notice 1) Introduction to Walkthrough 2) Version History, Other Walkthrough By Me 3) Controls 4) The Story for Armorines 5) Characters 6) Items 7) Weapons 8) Enemies 9) Hints and Stratagies 10) Game Walkthrough - Level 1: Siberia - Level 2: Jungle - Level 3: Volcano - Level 4: Egypt - Level 5: Hive 11) Cheats 12) Credits, E-mail Rules, and Legal Things. ====================================================================== ******************************** 1) INTRODUCTION TO WALKTHROUGH ******************************** Welcome to my very in depth and extensive walkthrough for Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M. for the Nintendo 64 or Sony Play Station. This is yet another awesome, yet highly underated, first person shooter game by none other than who? One of the best company in the entire video game industry: Acclaim. These guys rule and they know what they are doing when it comes to designing first person shooter games, or any other game for that matter. I have been a huge fan of Acclaim's games for a very long time, since the beginning of the video game revolution when the 8-bit Nintendo hit the market. This game is really fun to play and I highly recommend it to any FPS game fan out there. Although the weapon selection is lousy, the enemies definitely make up for that. They all consist of alien insects that are trying to take over our planet and you must put a stop to them and save the human race. So, do you think you have what it takes to rid the planet of this alien bug infestation? You're going to have to be quick on the draw and even quicker on your feet because these bugs are insanely fast and agile. You'll see one in the distance and he will be all over you in a matter of seconds if you don't take care of him, or the twenty other bugs charging you. I thought the Lords of the Flesh in Turok 2 were quick, man, these bugs are FAST! I'd say that 95 percent of this quest is a constant, never ending barage of insects to kill and you definitely will not get bored while playing this game. It is jam packed with never ending action that you expect from a FPS by Acclaim, have fun! ======================================================================= ********************************************* 2) MORE WALKTHROUGHS BY ME, VERSION HISTORY ********************************************* Check out these other top quality walkthroughs I wrote: 1) Fable: The Lost Chapters 2) Neverwinter Nights 3) Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide 4) Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark 5) Neverwinter Nights Gold Edition 6) Neverwinter Nights Platinum Edition 7) Quake II 8) Shadow Man 9) Shadow Man 2econd Coming 10) The Suffering 11) The Suffering: Ties That Bind 12) Turok 2: Seeds of Evil You can ALWAYS find all of my work and lastest versions at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.0 March 28, 2001 This is the first version of my walkthrough. Since I found all the cheat flags there won't be much to revise, at least I think I found them all. There may be a few more characters to unlock for multi, you never know. The only thing I really have left to do is find out how the promotion scale works and what's the highest rank you can become. Version 1.5 March 31, 2001 Well, for some odd reason my enlarged fonts title got all screwed up during the transfer. Would there happen to be any voulenteers for doing an ascii art title for me? I also found out that in Siberia there are six Laser Rifles to find to really make it pack a wallop! I actually splattered an Earth Bug with one shot! Totally disintagrated it! I also added a few websites to the list of sites this walkthrough is available on. Version 2.0 April 19, 2001 I fixed some typos and added some more rules to my e-mail section. Version 2.5 June 3, 2001 I added another site this is legally posted on. I still haven't received one e-mail on this game. Is it really that unpopular? Version 3.0 July 22, 2001 I added the Play Station controls, FINALLY! Thanks Julian. Version 3.5 October 10, 2001 I fixed more typos. Version 4.0 November 9, 2001 I added another web site this is legally posted on and fixed some more typos. Version 4.5 March, 2005 Somebody e-mailed me a secret while fighting the Volcano boss. I put it in the walkthorugh where it belongs, thanks Dominik Mader for the little secret. I also added another walkthrough I just completed. Version 5.0 January 2008 I fixed a few typos and added Fable: The Lost Chapters, Quake II, The Suffering and The Suffering: Ties That Bind to other walkthroughs I have written. Does anyone out there actually own this goddamn game? It's been like a year since I got an e-mail for this. It does suck here in '07. ======================================================================= ************* 3) CONTROLS ************* N64 CONTROLS: DEFAULT: Control stick: To look around and aim your weapon. C button up: Move forwards. C button down: Move backwards. C button right: Strafe right. C button left: Strafe left. Z button: Fire your weapon. A button: Press this and the control stick up, left, right or down to select different weapons. B button: Reload your weapon. R button: Jump. L button: Re-read last incoming message. D pad up: Activates Lewis' shield. D pad down: Crouch, press again to stand back up. D pad right: Brings down your IR Goggles to go into sniper mode. While in sniper mode, hold the R button and press C up/down to zoom in/out. D pad left: Activates night vision mode when you have on your IR Goggles. ALTERNATE CONTROLS 1: Control stick: To look around and aim your weapon. C button up: Move forwards. C button down: Move backwards. C button right: Strafe right. C button left: Strafe left. Z button: Fire your weapon. A button: Change weapon. B button: Zoom. R button: Jump. L button: Re-read last incoming message. D pad up: Reload/shield. D pad down: Crouch. D pad right: Reload. D pad left: IR Goggles. ALTERNATE CONTROLS 2: Control stick: To move around. C button up: Look down. C button down: Look up. C button right: Look left. C button left: Look right. Z button: Fire your weapon. A button: Change weapon. B button: Reload. R button: Jump. L button: Re-read last incoming message. D pad up: Reload/shield. D pad down: Crouch. D pad right: Zoom. D pad left: IR Goggles. ALTERNATE CONTROLS 3: Control stick: Look around. C button up: Reload/shield. C button down: Crouch. C button right: Zoom. C button left: IR Goggles.button: Fire your weapon. A button: Change weapon. B button: Reload. R button: Re-read last incoming message. L button: Jump. D pad up: Move forwards. D pad down: Move backwards. D pad right: Strafe right. D pad left: Strafe left. ALTERNATE CONTROLS 4: Control stick: Move around. C button up: Look down. C button down: Look up. C button right: Look right. C button left: Look left. Z button: Jump A button: Fire your weapon. B button: Change weapon. R button: Reload. L button: Zoom. D pad up: Reload/shield. D pad down: Crouch. D pad right: Re-read last incoming message. D pad left: IR Goggles. PLAY STATION CONTROLS: (default) Up: Look up Down: Look down Left: Look left Right: Look right Left analog: Look around Right analog: Move Select: IR Goggles Start: Pause X: Fire your weapon O: Strafe right Square: Strafe left Triangle: Jump Thank you Julian Granger for the PS controls. ======================================================================= ************** 4) THE STORY ************** For centuries now, mankind has gazed into the night sky and looked up in awe at the millions of stars and has always wondered if we are alone in the Universe. And if we are not, would the Aliens from distant planets be friend or foe? Will they be far more advanced than us and see what a weak and fragile race we are and take advantage of it to destroy us all? Many hoped that if there were Aliens and they came to visit us, they would bring advanced technology and philosophies to share with us and we would enter a new era of world wide peace. It is now the beginning of the third millenium and our question of whether or not we are alone in the Universe has just been answered, and they aren't what everybody hoped they would be....or bring. They are a horde of vicious man eating insects. When the bugs invaded, they caused anarchy and commenced chaos, then attacked our planet with primitive brutality and a lust for fresh, warm blood. They only had one thing on their agenda, to rid this planet of the human race and claim it as their own. These insects are extremely intelligent and developed a plan to swiftly take out every military installation around the globe, and succeded. They used our own defenses against us and those who did not perish seeked shelter, but it was just a matter of time before the bugs found them....and ate them. We had to retaliate, and had to do it fast before mankind is lost forever. Only a small number of U.S. Marines hid inside the depths of Area 51 and survived the invasion. Luckily for us humans, 2 ARMORINES had survived and fought their way back to the depths of Area 51. The Armorines are an elite fighting force, the Navy SEALS of the future. Pvt. Lewis and Pvt. Lane are the only two surviving Armorines and it is up to them to save this planet and exterminate this threat. From what little Intelligence that could be gathered by our only remaining satellite, we have figured out that the bugs had set up four major hives all around the globe. We must assume that these hives are major, strategic locations for the bugs to complete their extinction of the human race. Armorine, it is now up to you to infiltrate the hives to destroy these Alien Insects and save us all. Good luck. ======================================================================= *************** 5) CHARACTERS *************** GENERAL KENDALL: He is your commanding officer and he will almost constantly update and aid you on your missions. Listen carefully to what he has to say or you will fail in your attempt to save this planet. He is a cool guy and has a pretty good sense of humor. As an Armorine, your duty is not to let him down, or mankind for that matter. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- PVT. LEWIS: This is not your typical Armorine. He is a one man killing machine and is all gung hoed up to exterminate every insect he sees. Lewis is armed with a Shotgun Plasma Blaster and a back up weapon, a Rocket Launcher. He also has a good defensive skill, he can activate a shield that will momentarily make him invincible from enemy attacks. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- PVT. LANE: Just because she is a female don't mean jack. This is one tough chic and she is not the least bit intimidated by the Insectoids. She is armed with a Machine Gun Blaster and a Grenade Launcher to back that up. Instead of a shield like Lewis has, she carries a Bug Prod that will electricute the enemy. Even though you can choose between two characters to play this game, they both have the same quest and there aren't any different boards the characters play. ======================================================================= ********* 6) Items ********* Here are all of the pick ups you will venture upon: -HELMET: Restores 20 health. -BOOTS AND GLOVES: Restores 50 health. -VEST: Restores all of your health. -IR GOGGLES: These allow you to snipe enemies and are equipped with night vision. While in night vision mode, the enemies are infra-red, pretty cool. -ADRENALINE: Temporarily gives you an energy boost to make you faster and stronger. -MINE: Paste the C-4 explosives on a wall or on an enemy and stand back. You will be shocked by how far you can throw these things, just aim high if you would like to toss one a good 100 yards or so. -THUMPER: When you place one of these, a sonic wave will be emitted and draw the bugs to it so you kill them with ease or sneak on by. While all of the bugs are around the thumper, throw down a mine to splatter a whole bunch of them at once. -SMART BOMB BEACONS: Used to blow mission objectives up with. They will emmit a radio signal so our missles can lock on to them. Once you set one of these, you have a limited amount of time to find cover or you'll be sorry. -PACK OF ROCKETS OR GRENADES: Adds 5 to your total. -SINGLE ROCKET OR GRENADE: Can you guess? -LASER RECHARGE PACK: Adds five rounds to the Laser Rifle. -CHEMICAL PACK: Adds five rounds to the Chemical Weapon. -PACK OF NAILS: Adds five rounds to the Sonic Cutter. -SHAFT POWER PACK: Adds five rounds to the Shaft of the Pharoah. -ALIEN BROOD: Adds five rounds to the Alien Weapon. -CHEAT FLAGS: The name of the flag is the name of the cheat to enter in the cheats menu except the multi-player charachter unlock flags. ======================================================================= *********** 7) Weapons *********** - PVT. LEWIS - PRIMARY WEAPON: Shotgun Plasma Blaster. You have unlimited ammo for this weapon so go to town. You can fire 20 rounds then you will have to reload. SECONDARY WEAPON: Rocket Launcher. Unlike your blaster, the ammo for this weapon is limited (almost extremely) and you must find rockets for it along the way, 20 rockets max, if you can get that high. SPECIAL DEFENSE: Shield. When an enemy is near, activate this shield to temporarily become invincible. If you use this, it has to charge up before you can use it again. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - PVT. LANE - PRIMARY WEAPON: Machine Gun Blaster. As like Lewis' blaster, the ammo for this weapon is unlimited and doesn't pause while it's firing. It just keeps blasting out 50 rounds at a time. SECONDARY WEAPON: Grenade Launcher. This is the best Grenade Launcher I have seen in any FPS game out there. You must find grenades along the way if you wish to use this frequently, 20 grenades max. You will not be able to blow up the crates found throughout the game with this weapon. RESERVE WEAPON: Bug Prod. This weapon is for close range combat only and will create an electrical shock to fry the inects. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - LEVEL WEAPONS - On every level, each character will be able to use a special weapon for that level only. Hold down the trigger for a few seconds for a more powerful shot with all of these weapons. If you collect three of the spare replicas throughout the levels, your weapon for that level will become more powerful. If you play on the normal game play setting, you will start each level with the weapon designed for it. If you play on the hard setting, you will have to search for the weapons. LEVEL 1 - LASER RIFLE: This advanced rifle fires a powerful laser beam at the enemy. It is very effective on the Earth Bugs in Siberia, 20 rounds max, the number of rounds you use for each shot depends on how long you hold down the trigger. There are six rifles to find to really make this pack a wallop! LEVEL 2 - CHEMICAL WEAPON: This weapon will fire a poisonous chemical liquid at the enemy if not fully charged and will melt them away like the VX Poison Gas in "The Rock." If it is fully charged, it will disperse a rapid burst of chemical grenades at the enemy. Use this on the Brain bugs and Guards on this level from a distance, 20 rounds max. LEVEL 3 - SONIC CUTTER: This is my favorite weapon in the entire game. It shoots a very powerful burst of spiraling, exploding nails at the enemy to pierce their thick, rock like skin, 20 rounds max. This weapon was designed for mass destruction and can take out quite a few enemies with one shot when fully charged. If you miss an enemy with this and it wasn't fully charged, you can recover the nails out of the wall. LEVEL 4 - SHAFT OF THE PHAROAH: This weapon was actually discovered buy these insects infesting our planet when they were tunneling beneath the Pyramids. They have figured out a way to make themselves stronger by using the energy the Shaft creates. If you thought the Sonic Cutter did a number on these freaks, wait until you get a fully charged shot off with this bad boy. It will fire a devistating sonic pulse in the form of a magic ball that will totally rip apart the bugs on impact like a K-1000 does to a wooden mail box. Try to hit the ground around the bugs rather than the bugs themselves to wipe out a whole bunch of them at one time, 100 rounds max. LEVEL 5 - UNKNOWN WEAPON: This is a really cool and origional weapon. It looks like the hand of some sort of Alien that can shoot up to three high velocity, highly explosive grenades/bores. When you fire this weapon, the bores will pierce the enemies skin and blow them up. This weapon is extremely deadly to all of the little critters roaming around in their Spaceship. The Guard Bugs on this level will drop ammo for this weapon all over the place so be on the lookout for the extra Broods they leave behind. If you just tap the trigger, a Brood will launch out of the weapon like a Grenade and not pierce the enemies so you can take out the thousands (seriously) of tiny Mites crawling around. ======================================================================= *********** 8) Enemies *********** This game has a really good set of alien insectoid enemies that are so fast you head will spin trying to kill all of them. Some of remind me of the Alien invaders in "Starship Troopers." As you progress through the levels, the bugs become faster and tougher so get ready for a vicious, never ending horde of the foulest insects you can possibly fathom. -------------------- - LEVEL 1: SIBERIA - -------------------- Enemies you will encounter: TICKS AND MITES: These are the smallest insects you will have to deal with and are weak. One well placed round from your blaster should take care of them. They can be highly annoying if they get close to you and jump onto your head. SOLDIERS: The Siberian Soldiers are big and have two long tentacle like legs that they use to slash at you. Some of them fire a plasma round your way so watch it. They are kind of weak and will die with a few shots from your blaster. GUARDS: The Guards in this frozen tundra are big and they tower over you and their undersides are red. They are tougher than Guards and one well placed rocket will take them down. BRAIN BEETLES: These insects are big and have a smooth, round behind. They can turn invisible at will so be careful. They are more powerful than Guards and I wouldn't get too close to them if I were you. EARTH BUGS: These are the largest insects you will have to deal with while in the frozen wasteland of Siberia. They bore up through the ground and then attack you with a never ending reign of plasma rounds. The best way to take these creeps out is in sniper mode with the Laser Rifle. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------- - LEVEL 2: JUNGLE - ------------------- Enemies you will encounter: TICKS AND MITES: Same as the annoying ones found in Siberia. HORNETS: They fly around and sting you. They are weak and a few blasts from your primary weapon will drop them. GUARDS: These Guards are considerably faster than the ones found in Siberia. They are about your height and have a thick, Scorpion like tail. They attack you with their two front pincers and claws. They are extremely tough. All Guards can shoot at you with their plasma blasters from a distance. BRAIN SPIDERS: These big, purple spider like creatures tower over you and can turn invisible at will so watch out. They will deflate your health at a very astounding rate if you get up close to them. Use your Chemical Weapon to exterminate them with ease. JUNGLE QUEEN: She is the boss for this level. I will go in depth on how to kill all Queens in my walkthrough section as we get up to them. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- - LEVEL 3: VOLCANO - -------------------- Enemies you will encounter: TICKS AND MITES: Nothing to worry about. They are starting to become more powerful but are still nothing to fear. GUARDS: The Guards in the Volcano region are big and they walk around on their hind legs. They will walk right up to you and push you off of a ledge into the lava. They have thick, rock like skin and the Sonic Cutter is the best choice to make when facing these bozos. SOLDIERS: They are medium sized bugs that look like spiders and they shoot a fire ball at you so watch out. They love to hide up on high ledges and continuously pelt you with those fire balls. BRAINS: These insects look like big fat Catapillars and have an incredibly thick hide and are rediculously slow. Sonic Cut these freaks before they spit rocks at you. LAVA BUGS: These things hang out in lava pits and are extremely tough, with size to match, and they spit lava at you. Stand back and take these guys out in sniper mode or blow him wide open with the Sonic Cutter. VOLCANO QUEEN: The level boss. One tough cookie! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------ - LEVEL 4: EGYPT - ------------------ Enemies you will encounter: TICKS AND MITES: Are you really all that worried about these things? GUARDS: The Guards in this barren wasteland look like very large ants and are about 12 foot tall when standing on their hind legs. They love to hide out on the high sand dunes and snipe you with a shot of venom to the face. Try to hit their round bodies with a rocket, one well placed shot will take them down. They use their heads as shields so don't try to blow it off. SOLDIERS: These are the creepy crawlers you have to be constantly on guard for while venturing through the Desert. They are extremely fast and crawl real low to the ground and kind of look like Spiders. They will charge right up to you and embark upon a slice-n-dice extravaganza with their insanely sharp claws that can actually throw you back. When fully erect they're about 10 feet tall. BRAINS: These are the largest Insectoids, besides the Queen, that you will have to face while in Egypt. They are about 20 foot tall and pelt you with venom. They aren't really all that fast but I still wouldn't get up close to one. One of your mission objectives will to be to capture a live Brain Bug so we can study this Alien Species and find a way to exterminate them once and for all. EGYPTIAN QUEEN: The level boss. Easy, don't worry. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- - LEVEL 5: HIVE - ----------------- Enemies you will encounter: TICKS AND MITES: And I mean hordes upon hordes of them! GUARDS: The Guards on this Spaceship come in three different sizes: medium, large, and super size. The smallest are about your height and have big, open mouths and they lick you with their tongue, one perfect shot to their mouths with a Rocket will take him down. The medium size ones are about 10 foot tall and look like spiders and they shoot venom at you and are considerably tougher than their little brothers. The largest of these cretants are about 15 feet tall and look almost identical to the Soldier Bugs found in Siberia. These bugs are EXTREMELY deadly. SOLDIERS: The Soldiers on this Spaceship look and act almost just like the Egyptian Guard Bug. They blast a lethal dose of venom your way and stay really low to the ground when they spit it at you. BRAIN BUGS: These are BIG, fat, juicy Cattapillar looking bugs and are really hard to kill. They extend their mouths to attack you, stay far back from these creeps while trying to kill them. They also spit broods your way so WATCH OUT! BREEDER QUEEN: The final boss. I think Primagen met his match with this chic! ======================================================================= ************************ 9) Hints ans Stratagies ************************ If you have developed any good stratagies for this game, please e- mail me and I will add them here. I will credit you for any information I use of yours. My e-mail address is - Try to beat this game without using any cheat codes, they take the fun and challenge out of any game. Only refer to my walkthrough section if you are stuck. Don't rob yourself of figuring out this game all by your lonesome, it's really fun and a few things were kind of hard to figure out. - One of the most important things to do in this game if you want to win is to learn how to conserve your ammo. Don't waste explosive rounds when you know your primary blaster will do the job. It may take a few extra shots to kill your opponents but in the long run, you'll be sorry if you waste all of your explosive rounds, trust me. - Another vital key to your survival is to keep moving while under attack. Don't just stand there and try to act like Rambo and let the insects charge up to you. Back up and strafe all over the place while fighting these cretants and whatever you do, don't back yourself up into a corner. - Try to take out as many bugs out as you can from a distance. If you are far back enough, you can snipe them off one by one and they will never see you. If you are too close while sniping, they will all come charging after you and then you will be in a world of trouble. - This next stratagy works well in all FPS games. You can circle the enemy by strafing left or right and keeping your sights locked on them. Practice and master this technique and use it in all of your FPS games. And you especially must use this technique on all of your friends in multi-player, they'll hate you for it when you have 15 kills compared to their measly 1. - Take your time while exploring and enter rooms or caverns very slowly. If there are bugs in the room and they start attacking you, back out of the area and they will follow you. Try to lure them out of the rooms a few at a time instead of charging right in. Or perhaps maybe you're like me and can deal with hairy situations and charge into every room and wreak havoc. If you do it the way I choose, you'll improve your overall FPS gaming skills. - Explore every nook and cranny on every level. You will be surprised at all of the items lying all over the place just waiting to be found. If you seek these out and don't get too explosive happy, you can pretty much keep a high explosive arsenal throughout the game. Explosive weapons are an absolute necessity for your survival and the destuction of the chaos that has befallen us. - And most importantly, don't ever give up and beleive in yourself. By doing so you can master this, or any, game in no time. ======================================================================= ********************** 10) Game Walkthrough ********************** -------------------- - LEVEL 1: SIBERIA - -------------------- MISSION 1: Read your incoming GNN update and General Kendall's area assignment. This information will be provided to you at the beginning of every level. General Kendall has informed you of the objectives you must complete for this mission and they are: - OBJECTIVE A: You must find and protect Dr. Delaney so he can restore power to the base transport. - OBJECTIVE B: Use the transport to get into the lower part of the facility. As soon as you exit your ship the fun begins. Blast the Soldier Bug in front of you, being careful not to kill your fellow Marines and walk across the bridge and enter the doorway into a large, snow covered area with four bunkers. Kill all of the Ticks and go into the bunker on the right of the enterance to this area and press the button on the wall. The crate along side the outer wall of this bunker has some armor in it. If I tell you to shoot something to receive an item, make sure you need it because if you blow up the crate and don't grab the item and come back for it later, sometimes it will not be there. Maybe it's just some weird glitch only in my game, I don't know. Exit the bunker, go down the incline and walk into the Warehouse and blast the crates for a Laser Rifle. Head out of the Warehouse and go straight and climb up that Watch Tower to press a button up there to deactivate an electric fence then climb out of the tower. On the water tank directly across from the Watch Tower is a pack of rockets. Go through the fence to follow the Monorail tracks around the bend and go up the concrete incline at the end of the tracks for a Laser Rifle. Jump down and look for a path along the right wall and go up there. Once at the top, go talk to Dr. Delaney and protect him as he runs back to a bunker at the beginning of this level. Once he is safe inside the bunker, he will open the doors to the Monorail Hangar and activate the power for it and objective A will be complete. Exit this bunker and the hangar will be on your right. Blast a few Soldier Bugs and enter the darkened hangar and hop onto the Monorail and get ready for an awesome ride. Check out the size of this cannon, wow! While riding the Monorail you have unlimited ammo so go to town and have a great time. You can speed the Monorail up or slow it down by using the up and down C buttons. The cannon can turn a full 360 degrees. Ride the Monorail for a short bit, blast some bugs and then save your game and head to mission 2. Don't worry, the ride isn't over yet. If you use your memory pack to save, it only takes up 1 page. If you don't have a memory pack, then write down the password. I think it's pretty cool that Acclaim offered a password save for all the gamers who don't have memory packs. You will have an option to save or be given a password at the end of every mission. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- MISSION 2: - OBJECTIVE A: Secure the Monorail tunnels. If there is a mourading force here, they must not be allowed to escape. - OBJECTIVE B: Gain entry into the Missle Silos. Continuing on the Monorail, blast every Insectoid you see. Make sure you kill all of the insects down these tunnels or they will follow you and tear you a new butt hole when you get off of the Monorail. When the ride is over, go behind the crates and grab the Adrenaline. Go up the ladders into a room and press the button on the wall and return to the Monorail, wasting some pests along the way, and hop on board to continue the masacre. When this ride is, sorry to say, over, objective A will be complete. When you step off of the Monorail, there will be an electric fence in front of you. Go back to where the Monorail entered this room and go up the incline and press the button inside of the building to deactivate the fence. Return to the fence and slowly walk through it until a gigantic Earth Bug bores its way through the ground and QUICKLY retreat. When you are a safe distance from him, drop your IR Goggles, bust out your Laser Rifle and snipe this creep, aim for his tiny little head. After he croaks, three Soldiers will come out of the hole. Kill them and enter the silos just beyond the fence to complet objective B. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- MISSION 3: - OBJECTIVE A: Destroy the three remaining missles before the bugs launch them. - OBJECTIVE B: You must determine the destination of the launched missles. We cannot risk this bug infestation spreading all over the world, this planet's security must not be compromised. When you start this mission, quickly disperse the enemies and in the rooms to your left and right are crates with ammo and a Laser Rifle. Go through the door across from the one where you've entered this mission and kill the Guard looming over you. Blast the bug nest and the crate on your left to grab the Adrenaline and head down the incline into a tunnel. Hang a left, there's nothing but a few bugs in the room in front of you, and then go through the first door on the left. Kill all of the bugs in this area and explore it for armor and other goodies. Exit this area and make a right, go past the enterance into this tunnel and go through the next door on the right. General Kendall informs you that Dr. Eastbrook has locked himself in the main control room and you have to find him, he has vital information of where the launched missles are heading. If this dude's in the main control room, then why doesn't this dweeb try to disable the missles? Yeah, he's real concerned about saving the human race, isn't he? He should be considered a war criminal and executed for his crime of not giving a crap. Kill the Brain in this room and the group of annoying Ticks and grab the armor and laser recharges on the table. Exit stage right and waste some more cretants and enter the first missle silo on the right. Oh no, the aliens have launched another missle! Return to the tunnel and go right wasting bugs everywhere, enter the next missle silo on the right and walk around the catwalk and press the button on the wall to self destruct this missle, then get the heck out of there before you blow. Return to the tunnel and make a right and go into the next missle silo and kill that Soldier before he eats the Scientist. Uh oh, the little freaks have launched another Nuke, gulp! Follow the Scientist and he will open up a door for you. Go up the incline on the right (it looks like the Scientist didn't make it too far) to a room and collect the mines and press the button on the wall. Paste some of that C-4 on the steel gate blocking the way into the next room. Enter this room and press another button and slap another Mine on the door. Enter this room and kill a seemingly endless amount of Soldiers crawling out of the fire. Look around the room for pick ups and press another button on the wall. Return to tunnel, right in the middle, and STOP! Turn to your right. Drop your IR Goggles and snipe that Earth Bug waiting to ambush you behind the doorway. After you kill him, ignore the door opposite from the one you've just came from, head down the tunnel you sniped freakzilla in and enter the next missle silo on the right. Oops, this one is empty except for the laser recharges in the back. Return to the tunnel, and I think you know this by now, make a right and enter the next missle silo and self destruct this next missle. Head to the last missle silo and do what you got to do and objective A will now be complete. Return to the door I told you to ignore and shoot Dr. Eastbrook for letting the bugs launch the missles and exit to mission 4. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- MISSION 4: - OBJECTIVE A: The world needs you alive Armorine, so fight your way out of the compound and let's continue our struggle for survival and rid this planet of the foul scum that is infesting it. Your newfound knowledge will help secure our victory. Exit this bunker and jump over the crates and press the button on the wall to open up the compound doors. You are now looking at a trench that you must fight your way down to get back to the drop point. Walk forwards and grab the mines and watch in horror as endless amounts of Guards and Soldiers fill the trench and be quick or be dead. When you get to some huge snow boulders blocking the way, plant a mine in them and clear a path for yourself. Continue blasting your way all the way down the trench to a Snow Plow. Enter it for some goodies and exit the trench through a little cave to the left of the plow. You are now back to where you first rode the Monorail. Make your way way back to the drop point and be sure to check the bunkers for a cheat flag, the sketchy flag. Sketchy is pen and ink mode. It's off to the Rain Forest in South America where you will explore the Aztec Ruins and rid the jungle of these foul menacing creepy crawlers. General Kendall will now debreif you, as he will at the end of every level. ======================================================================= ----------------------- - LEVEL 2: THE JUNGLE - ----------------------- MISSION 1: - OBJECTIVE A: You must locate and infiltrate the Aztec Temple, we must assume the bugs have a ghastly agenda. - OBJECTIVE B: Seek out the experimental weapon, it must not fall into enemy hands. - OBJECTIVE C: Our Recon Satellite photos show 34 bug eggs, you must destroy them all before they hatch. Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games, we got everything you want and I think you know the rest. The Insectoids lurking around in the uins are considerably tougher and faster than those wimps in Siberia. This level will prove to be a lot more challenging than the previous and is my favorite one. Walk through this water filled cavern to a brick wall, blast a hole in it and go on through. Walk down the corridor and make a right when you have a choice and clear this area out. See, these freaks aren't messing around! These Guards are WAY tougher than Siberian ones. Oh my gawd (say it like a bimbo), what has happened? The insects have slaughtered the Marines sent to aid you in the infiltration of the temple, those bastards! Genereal Kendall is highly pissed off and orders you to avenge their deaths and I'm sure you'll happily oblige. Look to the right of the downed Chopper and step on the switch in the corner, there are a few mines by the Chopper. Return down the corridor that led you here and hang a right and enter an area with little temples to your left and right and a pyramidical monument at the bottom of the incline. Get ready to get bombarded by a whole bunch of Guards. I see him, where did he go? Oh, there he is sinking his pincers into the back of my neck. These cretants are extremely fast and will pounce all over you in a matter of seconds if you don't waste them first. After the mayhem is over, walk the paths near the monument, between the walls, and grab some rockets and armor. Now enter the temple to the right of the monument and walk inside of it, hit the switch, then grab the goodies in here. Exit this temple and head to the one directly across from you and collect the items in there. If you wish, you can explore the other two temples for some more ammo and armor. When you see a second monument, step on the switch to the left of it and go through the door that will open up on the left. Follow the path and keep moving, the amount of Ticks that are dropping out of the window is endless. Continue on until you can go left and hit the switch and turn around and jump into the hole. Swim through the water way and step on the square elevator at the end so it can lift you out of the water. Hit the switches to your left and right and proceed through the door and splatter some more Guards, make a left at the tomb and walk straight into a switch. Go through the opening doorway and jump up onto the set of crates and step onto another switch and watch the pillars raise up, forming a set of stairs you must climb. Hit the switch at the top of the stairs and go through the opening door in front of you. A wall will raise up and you must kill another group of Ticks and Mites for it to drop back down. Once they're exterminated, go to the end of this passage and grab some well needed armor, some ammo, and step on another switch. Wow, Acclaim is keeping your arsenal pretty loaded on this level, they were kind of cheap on the rockets in Siberia. Enter this final area outside of the temple and you will be in a large area with six huge monuments and six switches in front of them. To activate the "Stairway to the Sun," which is actually a bridge, and enter the temple, step on the second switch and the sixth switch form the LEFT wall! Walk across the bridge to complete objective A. Follow the corridor into a large room and kill the two Guards waiting to piss all over your parade. Go back to where you've entered this room and stare at the four pillars in the center of the room. Follow the corner of this room from where you have entered it and keep the wall to your right if you are having a hard time finding the switch. In the center of these pillars is an elevator and to activate it hit the switch to the right of the furthest pillar from you and jump up to activate it, and then take a ride on the elevator. Drop down and head down that corridor. Not so fast there slick, you have to waste a few more baddies first. When the door re-opens, take the corridor to a split, a Brain Bug, some more rockets, a Thumper, and some armor. Wow dude, you've just won the Special Ops. Lottery. Every week you have been wasting your hard earned pay on tickets and finally, you've won! Go up the incline and step onto the switch, there is some more lotto winnings to the left and right of the switch. Enter the new corridor, grab the Adrenaline, and quickly put down the two Brains charging you, a couple of Chemical Grenades will do the deed with ease; then waste the countless Guards and Ticks that will flood the room. After you have layed down the law, hop on the platform to the right of the enterance to this room and step onto a switch, then the one on the platform opposite this one. Go and step on the remaining two switches and the pillar will drop into the water revealing a secret passage way you must swim into. Do so and go left at the fork and grab the Chemical Weapon on the ledge to your left, objective B completed. I get e-mails now and then about how the Chemical Weapon isn't here sometimes and I don't know what to tell you if it's not here, don't panic, there's another one coming up soon. Surface, shoot the switch on the wall, and swim back down the water tunnel and take a left at the fork, step onto the elevator to exit this area. You are now in an egg infested room, take them all out one by one. After you have cleared this room out, go down the corridor and step onto the switch. Drop down and kill some Guards to make a door open up on your left. After doing so, walk down the corridor, not the incline, and walk into another egg infested room. Do what you got to do and after completing objective C, head down the next corridor and step through the door to mission 2. If General Kendall has not informed you that objective C is complete, DO NOT go through the exit to the temple. Your mission will be a failure and you will have to do it all over again. You must have missed a small batch of eggs somewhere. Look for them and destroy them all. Hey, I'm not going to be a total game spoiler on you, there has to be at least one thing for you to figure out on your own. I won't do it again so don't worry. Were they really that hard to find? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- MISSION 2: - OBJECTIVE A: Locate the hatchery deep within the Aztec Ruins. - OBJECTIVE B: Satellite photos have recorded a large egg in the vicinity, you must find and destroy it. Don't be fooled by the mission objectives, this mission will take you about one minute to do. When you begin the mission, don't move. Drop your IR Goggles and snipe that Guard above the right pillar. Strafe right into some mines and armor and snipe the next Guard behind the left pillar. Move forwards and take out that Brain crawling around the enterance to the ruins before he decides to eat you. Proceed through the gateway and take out the Hornets and climb the wanna be pyramid to complete objective A. When at the top, blast all of the eggs below you to complete objective B and this short played mission is over. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- MISSION 3: - OBJECTIVE A: Destroy all of the bug eggs before they are born into a destructive rage and seek bloody mayhem. - OBJECTIVE B: Locate and destroy the Queen hiding beneath the Ruins, we must secure a victory to boost the morale of the Marines. You are now inside of a dark cavern. Proceed forwards into a large room and get ready for an all out feirocious battle. Watch out for the Brains, they can become invisible now. Look for the group of eggs in this room and destroy them. After you have done so, return to the dead Marines and grab the items next to them. Look on the wall to the left of them and slap some C-4 on the wall between the two thin pillar thing-a-ma-jiggies and kill the two invisible Brains coming out of the now blown open tunnel. Go up the tunnel and snipe the Guards before you enter the next room. Shoot the boulders on the ceiling in this room so they will come crumbling down, forming a path so you can get across the underground river. Follow the path up, then down and go right at the fork in the tunnel. Walk across the stone bridge and make a right at the cross roads and climb up the bridge and destroy the next group of eggs. Continue back down the bridge and go right at the cross roads and when you get to the next fork, hang a left and destroy the bug eggs at the top of this tunnel. Turn around and head back to the fork and head down the tunnel on the left and enter another large room. Blow open the boulders blocking the tunnel to the extreme left and head on down it. Make a right at the next fork and General Kendall will encourage you keep making your decent into Hell. Cross the stone bridge and destroy the last remaining eggs to complete objective A. Follow the Marine back to the stone bridge and jump into the water below on the right to enter the Queen's Lair and get ready for a gruesome battle. When she crawls out of her hole, you first have to shoot her in the head, stand far back from her to avoid her loooong, slashing tongue and venom attacks. There is armor and ammo scattered throughout the arena so keep your eyeballs peeled. When you have shot her in the head so many times, she will cowar back into her hole and a bunch of angry Guards will come out to play. Take them all out to make the Queen come back out of her lair. This time you have to blow off her two claw arms while still being weary of her extremely lethal flourescent venom. A direct hit takes off about a third of your health so be careful. When she goes back into her hole, you will have to kill a group of Hornets to make her come back out for the final showdown. Now just keep shooting her body until she's a bloody heap of alien guts and pat yourself on the back, she wasn't messing around, was she? ======================================================================= -------------------- - LEVEL 3: VOLCANO - -------------------- MISSION 1: - OBJECTIVE A: You must locate the exact whereabouts of the crashed Bug Pods and you must reach them before the bugs find and eat you.

A Bug invasion...and you are the exterminators for the job

Armorines is basically a Turok ripoff, but it is rather cool, and I say, the energy blasts, especially with the expansion pak, are AWESOME!!!!!!

Anyway, you have 120 hours to stop an all out bug invasion. You are one of the Armorines, you in one of the virtually indestructible military suits that they say could withstand a nuclear explosion...the military hoped they never had to use this....But now the time has come, you must save the world from hostile bugs that have one thing in mind...extermination of the human race. This is based on Starship Troopers somewhat, as the ''Brain bug'' was one of them bugs you had to kill, basically, it can call other bugs to help it, and it can absorb your thoughts to get vital information, so the only way to stop that is to eliminate your colleague so as to make that useless, that is if you cannot stop the brain bug first...

Anyway, you can play single or co-operative, or up to 4 friends can play in multi or Race Wars...Race wars you get to be a bug!!! And the place is packed with awesome weapons to use!!!

The thing that offs beginning gamers to this game (this was kind of dumb) was that I could figure out how to switch weapons! I got a new weapon and couldn't switch it! You need to hold A and move the analog Control Stick left,right,up,or down to select weapons. The gameplay is kind of bland, but it is rather fun! Some places are just funny, in one area, you can shoot down a bathroom stall door and have a bug jump out at you!! Your main weapon has infinite ammo, although reloadable, so that might take out challenge a bit....although there is enough challenge to go around. Also, to get a fully powered weapon, one that can charge the most powerful shots, you need to collect 2 or 3...For example the Laser Rifle...Getting one gives you the standard shot nonetheless, 2 gives you a medium power shot, and 3 of them gives you the best one available.Tap the fire button to fire a small blast, hold it for a second to fire a bigger blast, and hold it for a couple of seconds to fire the biggest blast!

You got single player, co-operative, and multiplayer, up to 4! You can play King of the Hill, Race Wars, or the standard every man for himself game, with time and/or score limits.

And BTW, there are 2 difficulty levels, Medium and Hard.
(Why is Easy not there????) And you can view your game in 3 different resolutions. Lo rez, which is all you get if you don't have an expansion pak, Hi Rez, and Hi Rez Letterbox (Cinema screen, like the movies!)

Some of the graphics are bland, but the energy shots are just too cool!!! Get an expansion pak and shoot your standard laser (for the guy character) and anything else you can get your hands on! (Laser Rifle, Staff of the Pharaoh) and fire it off!The bugs were great as the looked polished and scaly as if they were real!

Only presets, and you will have to make due with C button movement and the control stick to aim like regular Turok, but you can change the sensitivity of the horizontal/vertical movement, so you can customize your controls perfectly.

Music is pretty good and the gun sounds are rather cool. Not as realistic as it could of been, but it was rather good. You can hear bug gibberish as you pass into their sights, and friendlies crying for help as they run aimlessly away from the marauding bugs.

No bad glitches like some games have nowadays,You can only save your game with a controller pak, but you got a short password if you don't have one, so you still can play, even if you don't have a memory card.

Replay Value-8
If single player is getting a bit old, you can try it with a friend, or you can slaughter each other in Multiplayer deathmatches! You got 3 or 4 modes, about 8 weapons, and 3 characters (more can come later I believe)

Buy? Borrow? Rent? Burn?
Rent it first, I bought it without renting it because I found it for $ if it is sold for $10, you may wanna get it anyway, and the box has a neat design and a black cartridge too!

You need a controller pak to save your game, buy you can use a password to continue where you left off as well. The dumb thing is, the options are not saved, and you will have to change Auto Aim, Horizontal and Vertical Sensitivity, music and speech sound, etc, back again.

You need a controller pak to save the game, although you can use a password. Graphics are improved with the Expansion pak (I say get an expansion pak!!!!!)

Game type
FPS (First Person Shooter)

Rating:  4.0 - Great

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