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Welcome to DocGS, the online platform for doctoral candidates at the Technical University of Munich!

In DocGS  the whole process of your doctorate is reflected: Here, you can apply for entry into the doctoral candidacy list, register for the Kick-Off Seminar and submit funding requests for stays abroad as well as for course fees. At the end of your doctorate, you make the application for submission of your dissertation here. Important: DocGS is not an application portal for a PhD position!

You can apply at any time for entry into the doctoral candidacy list, there are no fixed times. Before applying, you need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Above-average degree
  2. Confirmation of supervision, documented in the (completed and signed) supervision agreement from your graduate center.

First, create a new DocGS user account and complete your profile. Please, at all times, make sure your contact data and personal information is up to date. Then, choose “Application Doctoral Candidacy List” and enter the necessary information regarding your dissertation project and your qualification. Candidates with foreign university degrees automatically apply for recognition of their degrees. Submit the request electronically, print it out and bring it t to the Dean’s Office of your department, together with all the other necessary documents. If your request has been recognized, you will be added to the doctoral candidacy list and you become a member of the TUM Graduate School.

You can find more information about the entry into the doctoral candidacy list on the TUM-GS website.

Important information about the application for submission of the dissertation 

You have entered the doctoral candidacy list before 1 January 2014?

  • Member of the TUM Graduate School (voluntary membership):

The TUM Graduate School has already set up a DocGS account for you. Important: Please do not set up a new account, your data is already in DocGS. Please register on DocGS with your e-mail address and first request a new password. Then fill out your profile and make your application via “Submission of dissertation”.

  • Doctoral candidates without a TUM Graduate School membership:

Please set up a new DocGS account. Fill out your profile make your application via “Submission of dissertation”. 

You have entered the doctoral candidacy list after 1 January 2014 (automatic TUM Graduate School membership)?

You can make your application for submission of your dissertation in your existing DocGS account. Click on “Submission of Dissertation” in “My Progress”. Please note, that this function is only activated when you fulfilled the mandatory qualification elements.

More information about submitting your dissertation and all necessary documents can be found on the TUM-GS website.

If you have question, please contact the TUM-GS management office via docgs@zv.tum.de. 

In you don't have access to your account anymore, because of missing data confirmation, please contact us at docgs@zv.tum.de

After passing the oral examination, you must make the authorized version of your dissertation available to the scholarly public. To do so, you can publish your dissertation electronically on mediaTUM, the TUM's media server. Therefore please submit six paper copies at the Doctoral Office (SSZ Examinations) and upload an electronic version to the mediaTUM.

What should you do?

  1. Approval of title page
    Please have the title page of your dissertation approved by the Doctoral Office (SSZ Examinations). Hereupon, we will be notified by the doctoral office that your work is ready for publication. We will then inform you about the next publication steps by e-mail.
  2. Check your data and upload the dissertation as a PDF
    In our e-mail you will receive an access link to the online workflow. Please check and update your author and dissertation details. Then select the option for electronic publication and finally upload your dissertation as a PDF file on our server. In this context it is important, to enter a reasonable PDF file name (surname.pdf). Search engines such as Google will display the file name.

    Important: Please make sure you upload the final version of your dissertation. This must be identical - both in form and content - with the six paper copies you deliver to the Doctoral Office (SSZ Examinations). Once you have uploaded your PDF, no further changes are possible.
  3. Submit the following written documents
    After clicking the button for electronic publication, you will receive a second e-mail with serveral documents attached. Please send them, completed and signed, back to the university library:

    A. Author Contract
    Through the author contract you grant the university library the right to publish your dissertation on mediaTUM. To do so, print the author contract you received by e-mail twice and send it signed and in duplicate to the university library by (internal) post (mailing address) or deliver it in person (room number). Sending the author contract by fax is not sufficient.

    B. Embargo Period Application
    If your dissertation should be published with an embargo period, please complete the provided embargo form and mail it - together with the author contract - to the university library. The second copy needs to be submitted to the Doctoral Office (SSZ Examinations).

    C. Proof of the approved title page
    Send us a copy of your approved title page (signature Frau Stinzel/Frau Reisenauer) - along with the author contract. If you do not have the approved title page available in paper form, you can forward the e-mail correspondence with the Doctoral Office (SSZ Examinations) about the approval process (and the final version of your title page) to support.diss@ub.tum.de.
  4. Confirmation of publication
    When all documents (author contract, copy of approved title page, embargo form and PDF upload) have been received by the university library, we will check your PDF for long-term storage suitability, indexation of the full text, free access (no password protection) and accuracy of the data.

    We will then publish your dissertation on mediaTUM. If you selected an embargo, your dissertation will not be available through mediaTUM until the end of the embargo period. Finally, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail that your thesis has been published, respectively that it will be published at the end of the embargo period.

For general information on the doctorate procedure please consult TUM Graduate School's website or contact the Doctoral Office (SSZ Examinations).

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