Graphic Organizers For Literary Essays Lucy

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Literary Essay Pack
** This product works well with Lucy Calkin's Literary Essay Units of Study and other writing curriculum's that use Writer's Workshop!**

→ Intimidated by the literary essay? Need a product that guides your students through this expository piece?

→ If so, you have come to the right place!

This product includes =
- How to write a literary essay chart
- Basic structure of a literary essay (color + black and white)
- Common themes in fiction page (can be used when creating a thesis statement)
- How to Annotate a text page (can be used when students are close reading their texts or are finding text evidence)
- A boxes and bullets planning page (thesis statement and 3 reasons)
- 2 planning pages for the introduction with an example! (shows students how to create a general to specific introduction)
- A planning page for the conclusion with an example!

→ I hope you and your students enjoy this writing pack. Please message me if you have any questions! Happy Teaching :)

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