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What makes a wedding special and unique is the more personal touches you can incorporate. Below are some great ways to add your personality, hobbies, family and story as a couple into your wedding day.


1. A Photo Booth. There are lots of great companies here in the Lower Mainland who offer photo booth services and packages. This is a great way to incorporate your fun and funny personalities and allows guest to have a good time with props and funny poses. These will be photos you look back on and laugh for years. The print out strips you can personalize with your names and wedding dates are great as favours as a keep sake of your wedding for each guest.

2. Cake Toppers. Cake toppers are can be cute, quirky or creative. They are a unique way to show your personality. A simple and easy way to personalize your wedding cake would even be to use the monogram of your initials or new married name initial.

3. Temporary Graffiti. I have seen these used at corporate events as well but temporary graffiti could be done with lighting or chalk on the entrance, behind the head table or dance floor.

4. Aisle Runners. Aisle runners have be customized with initials, a favourite phase or incorporate your wedding colours. A great website for custom aisle runners is

5. Guest Book Table. This is the stop each guest will stop at to write a message or well wishes to you. Use this space to create your story. Incorporate photos of yourselves and your family. It is really beautiful to see wedding photos from parents and grandparents incorporated. You can also make the “guest book” itself be unique. Have friends use their thumb prints to create a wishing tree , great them to sign a large photo in a frame you can put up in your home or have them include a photo from the photo booth with their message.

6. Card Box. This is a great way to show off your style. A vintage theme wedding is beautiful to incorporate a bird card, a couple who loves to travel could use an old suitcase instead. You get the idea. 😉

7. Table Numbers. Make your wedding stand out and more personalized by staying about from the generic table #1-12 and name the tables after places your visited, favourite songs or items that incorporate your theme.

8. Create a game or “ISpy” for each table that incorporates pieces of your special days as well as your story.


9. His & Her Signature Cocktails. Great ways to highlight your taste and personality and even incorporate your wedding theme or colours.

10. Write your own vows. Nothing is more impactable that words that are written by you to each other instead of repeating word for word from a “script”. Writing your own vows is a beautiful way to tell your story and engage your guests in how much you mean to each other and how committed you are to your married.**Keep those vows some place safe to use at a vow renewal ceremony or write out in an anniversary card 🙂

11. Favours. Incorporate your personalities, theme and style into your favours. Things like homemade jam, a smore kit, a seedling or seeds to plant are cute and different. One of my favourite favours was a CD made with all the bride and grooms favourite songs from the wedding with their wedding date and a photo as the case.



The sky is the limit when it comes to your personal touch and incorporating pieces of you as a couple into your day. Your guests will leave feeling blessed to be a part of your day and you will have amazing and beautiful memories to cherish and look back on.

Find more ideas for personal touches you can add to your wedding on our pinterest page

Happy Planning! XO




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